Why wear a mouthguard?

Protecting your teeth and surrounding jaw area is so important. Dental injuries are the most common type of injury in contact sport yet still an alarming number of sports people choose not to wear a mouthguard, or choose one that provides little protection. Damage to the teeth, gums and jaws can be easily prevented with a custom-dentist-fitted mouthguard. Providing the highest level of protection and peace of mind. 

GRIT mouthguards

Custom-fitted: Impressions taken by a dentist are the first step in ensuring well-fitting, comfortable, effective mouthguard. 

Expertly-made: All our mouthguards are handmade in our lab in Edinburgh by a team of dental experts. 

Customised: Depending on your sport and age, we will tailor the thickness of the mouthguard to the individual. This will also take into account any dental work, like an implant, which may affect the fit.


Watch how our mouthguards are made and you will quickly see why they provide the highest level of protection to all who wear them.