Thank you for purchasing your GRIT mouthguard. Please read the information below for next steps.

Now make an appointment: The next stage is for you to contact one of our partner dentists to arrange an impression (this is included in the voucher you have already purchased). You will find all contact details for the GRIT partner dentists below.

Your impression: Once you have your appointment, you will attend your chosen dentist to take an impression. This appointment will only take about 10 minutes and just involves you biting into a thick liquid which will harden to form the mould.

Remember your voucher: Please remember to print off the voucher you have been sent and hand it to your dentist when your impression is being taken. Without this we can't make up your mouthguard.

Making your mouthguard: Once the impression is complete, your dentist will send us your impression along with your voucher. We will then create your mouthguard as quickly as we can.

Delivery: You will receive your mouthguard within 14 days from the day we receive the impression. In quieter periods we may manage to turn them around sooner. Your mouthguard will be sent by first class mail and should fit in most letterboxes. 

Questions: If you have any questions about the status of your mouthguard, you can email