New GRIT mouthguard design


We have created a new range of designs for the new season. The exclusive Scottish Rugby and Edinburgh Rugby designs are a classic white background with the team's respective logos. After years of the trend for colourful mouthguards, it seems that many sports people are now reverting back to the classic white so we have followed suit.

However if you want an injection of colour or to create something bespoke, you can choose whichever colour, or combination of colours you like to reflect your own taste. Finished with the vibrant GRIT logo splashed across the front. Gold and black seems to be a very popular choice for the coming season, as well as the luminous colours we offer.  

Clubs and schools can go to town using as many colours they like on their mouthguards, with logos or lettering, to create a smart look as the enter the field of play (minimum order of 10).